Hi, I am Shirish Padalkar.

I am passionate about software quality and security.

I enjoy building secure distributed systems using microservices architecture.



2020 - Current
Principal Engineer
  • Lead Security / DevSecOps practice to define organization level security strategy
  • Build and manage platform teams.
  • Help product teams build scalable systems using Serverless, event driven architecture on AWS
  • Work with product teams to make sure applications are secure by integrating security into the delivery pipeline.
  • Work with infra teams to make AWS cloud infrastructure secure with automation
  • Part of the core recruitment team which defines organizations recruitment strategy, train the interviewers and take hiring decisions.
  • Coach Software Development Managers (SDMs)


2012 - 2020
Lead Consultant
  • Build and lead large distributed teams.
  • Architect high performance, cloud native, distributed applications using languages like Java, Javascript, Scala and frameworks like Spring and Akka.
  • Work as security specialist / champion on teams to engineer security into the delivery pipeline.
  • Work with large enterprise clients in finance, marketing and travel domains at both onsite and offshore to build complex custom softwares.
  • Practice extreme programming practices like TDD, pair programming, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Coach client teams to become high performing agile teams using Scrum, Lean and XP practices.
  • Contribute to recruitment in interviews, building custom softwares for recruiters and by leading campus recruitment drives.


2011 - 2012
Software Engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Lead module development.

Tata Consultancy Services

2008 - 2011
Assistant Systems Engineer
  • Develop IVR applications for Avaya Systems.
  • Maintain JSP based applications.
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